Guess who’s doing an art livestream??

ME, THAT’S WHO!!! Well, obviously.

Here’s the link to my channel!!

Hopefully I’ll see you nerds there!!! I’ll be taking requests from anyone watching, so there’s stuff in it for YOU, too!

The time of the stream will be at 2:00 PM EC time.


Here’s the link to the stream!! It’s not fully set up yet, but it will be soon!

Edit: I’m really doing my best to get it set up, but it’s not cooperating. :(. Hang in there!!


I totally forgot about this

I made this insanity in the lovely month of April 2016. It was a beautiful day outside, but my science teacher, Mr. Shaw, had is all cooped up in the computer lab of my old middle school working on a worksheet. When everybody finished it, we still had about an hour left on the clock, so what were we to do? My friend J immediately started playing with a South Park character generator she found on Bing, but I had… other plans. Enjoy.

Original Post: April 2016



So, it was fifth period in my middle school. My reading class was in the computer lab finishing up a report in the late 1800′s, and all was well. Our teacher made it very clear that we could use the computers in the free time we had after we finished our test, as long as it was school appropriate.

Things went to hell very quickly.

All of the older computers had MS Paint installed on them, and my friends and I immediately used it to our advantage. Here is all of my works of art from that period.

Here we see a rare side view of a two-legged giraffe prancing through nature:





And the new desktop background I added on a whim:


Now, this was all fine and dandy. I saved the pictures to the computer, emailed them to myself so I would have copies, and signed off. That should have been the end.

But some little bastard decided to hinder my hard work and change the desktop background to a picture of Morgan Freeman when I wasn’t there. I was understandably appalled at such behavior, and immediately set to work on a piece of art as such the world had never seen. And so, I present to you, the new desktop background.



Thank you for your patience and time in reading this small, but informative parable.