dumb video i made

In other news, GUESS WHO JUST ATTENDED ANTHROCON 2016!!?? That’s right, this nerd!!!! I’ll be uploading a megavideo of all the pictures I took, videos I recorded, and fuzzy friends I made soon! Peace out!


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Yo yo yo! This is the crappy website of a nerdy teen girl. You should legit just leave now its really bad I'm not even kidding. Still here? Cool. It's mostly just art and weird stuff over here though. My Youtube, Mad Shark: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPxyjUFZg-AIWnwLl0CEEPQ

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  1. Hey, saw this on YT and loved it, then I watched all your vids then subbed. :3 I saw your channel description, and I wanted to ask, which fandoms are you in? Cuz apparently it’s a metric crap ton.

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