Sorry for the inactivity.

I’ve been really busy lately. Pretty much every problem in the universe is happening to me right now. High school is starting, a ton of people I’m very close to have gotten sick, and, well, it’s just kind of hard for me to find a whole lot of time to update this little websetup I’ve got running here.


… BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE!!! One of my closest friends (who shall remain anonymous) has a birthday tomorrow, and guess where I’m bringing her? Only the biggest Nintendo convention in the country!!!

That’s right — SMASH CON!!! I’ll be taking a ton of pictures, video, and other stuff to share with you lovelies!!

Guess who’s doing an art livestream??

ME, THAT’S WHO!!! Well, obviously.

Here’s the link to my channel!!

Hopefully I’ll see you nerds there!!! I’ll be taking requests from anyone watching, so there’s stuff in it for YOU, too!

The time of the stream will be at 2:00 PM EC time.


Here’s the link to the stream!! It’s not fully set up yet, but it will be soon!

Edit: I’m really doing my best to get it set up, but it’s not cooperating. :(. Hang in there!!